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RIP Lee Alexander McQueen (March 17, 1969—February 11, 2010)

"Plato’s Atlantis" Spring/Summer 2010

That collection changed my life. I remember when they announced that McQueen had died- I was in fashion history class and some girl just exclaims “HOLY SHIT ALEXANDER MCQUEEN DIED” and my teacher looked it up to verify- and when she said “Oh my god, it’s true.” I began to cry. He was my fashion hero. He was a hero to most of us students. He made impactful, thoughtful, progressive masterpieces that transcended mere fashion, his genius evident in his mastery of both execution and concept. He made fantasy a reality and vice versa. His body wasn’t big enough to house his mind and he was sadly a victim of his own mind. I can’t stress the sadness of suicide enough, and I fucking hope with all my heart that people never romanticize it as this thing that verifies an artists’ depth. It isn’t. It is a permanent tragedy, permanent downer on your legacy of creation. RIP McQueen.


Charles James | “Butterfly” | c. 1955

James’ ultimate version of the tightly fitted bustle dresses of the early 1880s, this dress emphasizes the feminine form with its body-conscious sculpted sheath and enormous bustle skirt that would move seductively with the wearer’s movement. The femininity is further emphasized by the satin side flanges that are not unlike a bird’s wing bone attached to a burst of tulle feathers. The dress weighs 18 pounds. Twenty five yards of tulle were used in its making.

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